What Causes Sex Addiction?

Sex addiction, like many other types of addictions, is hard to overcome by yourself. Unfortunately, many people who suffer from this addiction fail to seek the proper help that they need. The main reason for this is that in many cultures, sex is still considered to be a taboo subject. People have trouble broaching the topic, much less discussing an addiction to sex. As a result, individuals who have the problem often never seek help, and their personal and professional lives are negatively affected as a result. In order to get the help that you need, it is important to understand what sex addiction is.

Some of the causes for sex addictions in people are biological. It is possible for you to have a genetic predisposition to the behaviours that you experience due to impulsivity and sensation-seeking feelings. Additionally, it is quite possible to have other traits such as depression and anxiety, both of which can contribute to sexual addiction and the need to visit escort girls and lap dancing clubs. Hormones are another biological factor. If you have higher levels of testosterone or estrogen in your body, then it is possible for the addiction to surface because of what takes place with the libido. You are more likely to engage in sexual activity if you have higher levels of either.

Psychological factors are well-documented when it comes to their role in sex addictions. Environmental factors are a part of this. Traumatic events which occur early in life, such as sexual abuse like rape or exposure to constant sexual content, certainly contribute to hyper-sexual activity. Mental health is of course the main driving factor when discussing psychological influences. Personality disorders, anxiety, impulsivity and depression play huge roles. People who have manic states or bi-polar disorder are highly likely to engage in risky or obsessive sexual behaviour.

Social aspects create huge issues for sex addicts. Rejection by another person is hard to accept, and this leads to poor decisions. Social isolation has the potential to keep you from meeting that one person that you plan to spend the rest of your life with, and thus leads to inappropriate sexual thoughts. Social learning plays into it because people often imitate what they see. This modelling behaviour provides you with something new to try, even if it is not something that you should be doing due to your sexual tendencies. Having friends or a social circle that constantly seek out multiple sex partners can influence you to do the same. Although their influence might appear to be subtle, it can still negatively impact you in a strong way.

Treatment options vary due to the different factors which cause sex addictions. Psychiatric help is one of the most common forms of treatment, followed by medication. The duration of a recovery program also varies, due to the severity of the addiction and the ways in which it affects your life. Both inpatient and outpatient programs are available for optimal treatment, and it really comes down to the severity of each case.