What Are the Different Types of Sex Addictions?

Sex is a natural part of life, as it allows all creatures in nature to reproduce in order to maintain a species. Human beings, however, have other motivations for having sex. It can bring self-gratification, or perhaps make you feel better about yourself. Having a desire to have sex is natural, but there are instances in which thoughts and actions become inappropriate, dangerous, or criminal. In order to better understand sex addiction at its core, you must begin to understand the different types. Let's take a look at how these types impact normal lives.

Addiction to pornography is one of the most common forms. Before online access was created, people purchased sex books and magazines in order to obtain sexual gratification. Others watched movies that they purchased or rented. However, growing technology has made it easier than ever to access pornography. What's worse, is that a large majority of it is free online. Pornography is big business, and those who produce it consistently find a willing audience. Most of the people who become addicted to pornography spend excessive amounts of time masturbating. Thoughts of fantasy are hard to ignore with easy access.

Sometimes sex addiction leads to criminal-like behaviours. Prostitution is legal in many countries. All it takes is the right amount of cash to purchase what you need. However, people with sex addictions seek prostitutes regardless of whether or not it is legal to do so. This leads to risky behaviours. Since it is not sanctioned, a prostitute might have a host of STD's which are easily transmitted through sexual contact. Exhibition and voyeurism are allowed between consenting adults, but sex addicts often choose victims in order to live out their fantasies. Most of the people who are arrested for being "peeping Toms" are fulfilling a sexual need.

Online role playing has not been researched enough for conclusive data purposes, but it is certainly a form of sex addiction for many people in the UK. When someone goes online, they can assume the identity of someone else. Sexually-charged conversations occur between people, and one or both people might become obsessed with the gratification they receive as a result. The online world also grants a large degree of anonymity anyway, so people are much more willing to contact others to satisfy the sexual desires that they have.

When sex is on your mind all of the time, you must seek help. The first step is recognising that you have a real problem. Many people simply brush the issue away, and they do not even realise how much it impacts their normal lives. One way to start to tame sexual feelings, is to make sure that you stay busy with work, friends, and family. If you have more responsibilities, then you will be more likely to refrain from inappropriate sexual behaviour. Once you realise that the behaviour has the potential to hurt the ones you care about, then you will be more likely to steer away from it.