Mental Health Disorders and Sex Addiction

For many people, mental health and sexual addiction go hand in hand. Sex addiction is characterised by having a tendency toward hyper-sexual thoughts and actions. Sexual thoughts are often overlooked, but they are just as important when it comes to identifying and solving the issues that you face. When someone suffers from depression, anxiety, or low self-esteem, they try to make themselves feel better by acting out sexually. Impulsive behaviours become much more prevalent as a result, thus leading to a downward spiral. Here are some mental health disorders that directly contribute to dangerous sexual behaviour.

Depression afflicts scores of people in the UK. When you have depression, it causes you to have impulsive and obsessive thoughts. People who suffer from it struggle to create meaningful relationships with others. As a result, they often spend long periods alone. This leads to unnatural sexual thoughts, and it might lead to inappropriate online behaviours as well. Anti-depressants are a good treatment option because they can help you to lead a more productive life, as well as curb your sex addiction.

Social anxiety has the potential to directly impact sexual health. Generally speaking, most people strive to find that one life partner, and they intend to only have sex with that person. Whether the person they choose is a boyfriend, girlfriend, or a spouse, they make a commitment to only be with that person sexually. Unfortunately, social anxiety keeps people out of the public eye. Countless hours spent alone can lead to obsessive sexual thoughts and actions. Frequent masturbation during all times of the day cause major issues in many people. Again, medications to treat the mental disorder have the potential to stop the sex addiction actions.

Mental disabilities, whether they are genetic or caused by a serious brain injury, lead to sex addiction in some people. An inability to understand appropriate sexual interactions can cause awkward moments, especially in teens who are learning their bodies. Inappropriate comments occur, and public masturbation has the potential to occur as well. Parents must do their part to ensure that a child with a mental disability gets the right counselling.

Bi-Polar disorder is characterised by intense manic and depressive states. During the manic state, people act very impulsively in general, and this often leads to impulsive sexual behaviours. These types of behaviours are not only socially inappropriate, but they can also become criminal. Those who are in a manic state might engage in flashing, an action which involves exposing one's self to someone else without their consent. Rape is a crime that also occurs when someone can no longer control their sexual drive. Medication is the primary way to solve this issue.